Frequently Asked

01. What can I expect during construction?

Equipment will be strategically placed and may take up space in possibly a heavily trafficked area of your home or business. We do our best to minimize the effects.

02. What do I receive when I order a plans?

Plans are drafted to meet the Uniform Building Code or IRC at the time they are designed. Because codes and requirements can change and may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the designers cannot warrant compliance with any specific code or regulation.

03. What’s included in Building Drawings?

Detailed, scaled floor plan(s) Detailed, scaled elevations Detailed, scaled foundation plan. Detail cross sections
Floor structural supports Roof plans and suggested electrical plans.

04.What is a Study Set?

Sometimes you need to price out a home in order to get the sale, but you need the plan to get accurate bids. Our Study Set is one complete set of construction drawings, which is the exact same set we would send you if purchasing the design.

05. What is a general contractor?

In the simplest of terms, a general contractor is in charge of everything, keeping your project on schedule and on budget, and working with you for the entire length of your building design and building construction project.

06. What is a Concept Plan?

Customers who must have home plans drawn locally to meet the specific building code requirements of their jurisdiction, including engineering or architectural seals.

07. Can I be involved with the build process?

Yes, absolutely! This is your building design and building construction project, and your wants and needs should always be kept front of mind by your general contractor.

08. What is LEED certification?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is one of the world’s foremost green building certification programs.

09. What are your standard finishes?

This is one of the most common questions we get, and it’s a little bit hard to answer since each one of our homes is custom-built for the family that’s going to live in it.

10. What kinds of architectural styles offer?
Just about any style you can think of. We don’t just work off a fixed set of floor plans, and we’re not limited to certain styles that we’ve done in the past.

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